I am a process painter. I paint to make emotion tangible, with intuition as my guide. I paint slowly, often in a nearly meditative state. Time is required for me to connect to emotion and to translate it through paint. Layer upon layer, emotion emerges. My work evolves as my life evolves.
Surface texture is always important as I paint to make emotion visible. I also explore the space emotion inhabits, and am interested in the push and pull of tension in that space. Color and form subtly emerge (and often change dramatically as each picture evolves) to communicate both emotion and the sense of space I perceive when I look closely — inside myself.  
When viewers look slowly and closely at the paintings, I believe they are best able to feel emotion and perceive space. Their slow looking mirrors my slow painting, which is the only way for me to make emotion visual.
I paint in acrylic and mixed media, on both canvas and panels. 



Following a long career in graphic design, Rochelle embarked on a journey into personal creative expression.
After selling her design firm in 2011 and embarking on a deep dive into studying creativity, Rochelle established a new career as a coach, to support women to access and activate creativity in every dimension of their lives and work.
In parallel, Rochelle began her personal work as an artist. She studied painting at the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design at George Washington University and continues to study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts.
Her abstract acrylic and mixed media paintings are notable for their rich evocative surfaces, use of color, and mystery. These emerge from slow and deep internal explorations.



Bromfield Gallery, Boston   |   WinterWorks 2017 (juried)
SMFA Holiday Art Sale   |   2017
SMFA CE Show   |   Spring, 2018
SMFA CE Show   |   September 2018
Cambridge Art Association   |   Mary Schein Fall Salon 2018
Cambridge Art Association   |   RED 2018  (Juried by Dan Byers, John R. and Barbara Robinson Family Director of the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts, at Harvard University.)
Krakow Witkin Gallery   |   Annual AIDS Benefit 2018
Cambridge Art Association   |   Spectrum 2019


ICA Boston  |  2009   |  Gallery talk at Shepherd Fairey Exhibition: A Designer’s Perspective
Cambridge Art Association  |  December 2018   |  Feedback Forum